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Intercel Europe

Intercel Europe is responsible for sales and marketing in Europe and UK. We offer a full range product portfolio ranging from wireless industrial modems to wireless monitoring devices in healthcare, security, transport management, pay systems, vending machines, industrial flow monitoring, smart metering and environmental monitoring.

Our global head office Intercel Pty Ltd, situated in the vicinity of Melbourne, Australia, has a long lasting history (incorporated in 1988) of innovation in the field of remote smart meter reading for gas and electricity. Because of the many fast changing weather conditions, the company learned how to build high quality reliable products in every environmental condition. The Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of its products is extremely high. With such reliability  and being a leading manufacturer and supplier of GSM, GPRS, 3G and 4G industrial modems for machine-to-machine applications, we extended our services to Europe with a sales office for Europe based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

The ‘Internet of Things’ offers many new opportunities in which our technology fits perfectly. We want to offer solutions to a number of said areas with both innovative and reliable industrial grade products and services, as well as consumer based wireless monitoring, control and cloud solutions.

Incorporated in 1988, the company was Australia’s first cellular solution provider for remote meter reading. Since then it has been at the forefront of providing innovative and reliable cellular communication solutions worldwide.

Intercel is renowned for its quality, reliability and industry expertise and has evolved to become a specialist in machine to machine markets. Intercel has sold over a million industrial modems through its comprehensive understanding of customer requirements and continuous appreciation of industry trends and developments. Intercel Europe has immediate access to our innovative and experienced research and development team who can offer expertise in a wide range of industrial applications such as automation, industrial monitoring, fleet management, security, metering and environmental monitoring.


Intercel is a privately owned company with offices in Australia, the United Kingdom, China and Hong Kong. Incorporated in 1988 Intercel began its corporate life as an R&D company. After developing Metering Reading product solutions for the Utility Distribution Industry, Intercel became increasingly involved in the provision of cellular solutions across a wide range of machine to machine markets.


Intercel aims to maintain its market ascendancy and to provide reliable cost effective and practical mobile solutions to customers. We strive to maintain and improve our service and customer relationship skills, and are dedicated to providing the best available product in our field.

Our Team

Gerard Ponsioen
Gerard PonsioenSales Director - Europe
Experienced in the System Solutions and integration of multi purpose projects in (wireless) Communication, Lighting, HVAC, security, AV systems and home automation.
Mike Gorman
Mike GormanSales Director - UK
Experienced in Lighting business and overall system integration business, having many institutional contacts worldwide eg for football and Olympics organisations. Also technically interested to a degree that will allow us to set up a real discussion about client’s demands and solutions
Jan Rozema
Jan RozemaChief Technical Officer
Professional with many years of experience in worldwide markets, overseeing both Europe and Australia. Is our liaison and direct technical contact between R&D and the European market to provide a 24 hours service mentality to our European based company.