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Utility Monitoring

Intercel Europe Smart Metering Solutions

Smart Metering Solutions in Europe have now been issued by the European government to be rolled out between now and 2020. By then, a minimum of 80% of all households will have a smart meter, with the possibility that it can be remotely read on a daily basis. Intercel Europe can provide the wireless network hub to communicate with the global network. Utilities can be monitored very accurately and in a cost effective way to collect billing data, but also to inform the user in real time about their consumption of gas, electricity and water. It also benefits in terms of preventive maintenance and line failure prediction.

Intercel Europe has been at the forefront of this technology, with its parent company in Australia supplying to utility companies, meter manufacturers and system integrators to provide the most cost effective wireless solution. Over the years this has been extended to grid monitoring, industrial plant flow and pipeline metering for water, gas, oil and other industrial fluids and gases.

For more information or to discuss how Intercel SmartSAM and eSAM M2M devices can integrate with your Smart Metering application, please contact us.